Earsay Pat Bougeard Achievement Award 2021

Apr 7, 2022

Every year Earsay presents the Pat Bougeard Achievement Award for a deaf child/young person who has achieved something special throughout the year.

After nominations were judged by an independent third party, Earsay are very proud to announce the 2021 winner is Cameron McDermott. Cameron was nominated by Maureen Bray for his achievements over the last few years, including difficult lockdowns, and the struggles he has overcome due to his deafness and autism.

Cameron has been profoundly deaf since birth and is non verbal. BSL is his primary form of communication which has helped him growing up at his specialist deaf school in the UK and throughout further education and work experience. He has overcome difficulties with finding similar levels of BSL now back in Jersey, but he has enjoyed new interactions within Deaf Club and the Inclusion Project Youth Club. He shares his cooking skills with new friends as well as his BSL and Makaton signing music videos – and always with a big smile!

Earsay are very proud to award this year’s Pat Bougeard Achievement Award to Cameron and wish him well for the future ahead.

The other nominees for the 2021 award were:

Jack Ashworth – nominated by Paul Ashworth for his achievements in music as he studies his degree in Music Performance at University. Jack has passed flute grade 8 and is preparing for a diploma, passed piano grade 7, sings, plays guitar, drums, piccolo, saxophone as well as composing his own songs and performing in orchestras! His deafness, and inability to ‘hear’ the notes has never held him back and his own hard work and positive attitude have been a key factor to his huge achievements.

Finn Devaney – nominated by Regina Devaney, for flourishing academically and no longer requiring a support teacher. He has become one of the top pupils in his class and his family have seen great improvement with his perseverance and cooperation at home and at school when attempting tasks. He also completed a charity walk for the RNLI and the Lions muddy fun run event for Lions Club of Jersey.

Nominations for Earsay’s 2022 Award can be made later in the year, by anyone – teacher/parent/club leader etc please see Earsay’s website www.earsay.je for details.

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