Earsay Pat Bougeard Achievement Award 2020

Apr 1, 2021

As most of you are aware, every year Earsay presents the Pat Bougeard Achievement Award for a deaf child/young person who has achieved something special throughout the year. For 2020’s winner we were a little delayed in receiving nominations and choosing a winner – and then of course we were not able to present the award at our Xmas party as normal.

Earsay are very pleased to announce the 2020 winner is Ella O’Connor (22). Ella was nominated by Maureen Bray for her achievements throughout the year and her kind and considerate nature supporting others with difficulties or disabilities. See attached picture of Ella with Pat Bougeard receiving the award.

Ella has been a big part of the Special Needs Inclusion Project assisting children and young adults, initially with the Inclusion Signing Choir at the Jersey Eisteddfod and then being an on-going supporter of their work. She has also personally entered the signed solo singing classes of the Eisteddfod pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

Ella secured a job at Powerhouse Jersey and worked hard to integrate into the work community and enjoys being able to support the public with BSL skills where required. She also enjoys being a youth club leader, being the ‘media rep’ for Earsay and supporting the dDeaf community, most recently with communication issues arising from Covid mask wearing. Ella is a great role model for deaf children and Maureen, her nominator, has seen Ella mature into a caring, confident young woman who is a positive ambassador for the deaf community in so many ways.

Earsay are very proud to award the 2020 Pat Bougeard Achievement Award to Ella and wish her well for the bright future ahead.

The other nominees for the 2020 award were:

Christopher Franco – nominated by the Esther Tremeer, Teacher of the Deaf and Ciara Burton at Audiology, for his achievements self-advocating his hearing requirements at Hautlieu, particularly during Covid restrictions, and assisting staff who were unsure how to use the equipment.
Indie Correia – nominated by Audrey Romeril, ARC Team Leader at Le Rocquier, for, amongst other things, courage and resilience following serious illness at the beginning of the year, persevering to catch up work that he missed and then keeping on with his studies during lockdown and once school started again. Also, for just being a great person to work with!
Heather Armstrong – nominated by Rupi Dhami, Teacher of the Deaf, for working hard during lockdown using lots of different methods of communication to keep up with work, for continuing with her online BSL studies and for general perseverance and resilience.
Gabriela Calaca – nominated by Rupi Dhami, Teacher of the Deaf, for great results in her GCSEs and for maturity in her attitude when lockdown meant exams and the usual Year 11 celebrations could not happen. Also, securing a place at Highlands in her chosen career subject.

Nominations for Earsay’s 2021 Award can be made later in the year, by anyone – teacher/parent/club leader etc please see Earsay’s website www.earsay.je for details.

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