Earsay Pat Bougeard Achievement Award Winner 2022

Jan 13, 2023

Every year Earsay presents the Pat Bougeard Achievement Award for a deaf child/young person who has achieved something special throughout the year.

After nominations were judged by an independent third party, Earsay are very proud to announce the 2022 winner is Indie Correia. Indie was nominated by Kerri Correia as well as the Hearing & Deaf Support Team, for his excellent GCSE achievements.

Indie, 16, struggled to revise and focus on preparing for the GCSE examinations and it was a huge achievement to study and sit all the exams, and then come out with excellent results including a very unexpected grade 9!

Unfortunately to make things harder at the start of his GSCE journey Indie was struck with the brain disease encephalitis and was placed into a coma to assist his treatment. After time in Southampton hospital he returned to Jersey and lockdown online learning as well as new memory issues just added to his struggles during the time leading up to exams.

His resilience during that period was outstanding and his family, teachers and the Hearing & Deaf Support team were extremely proud of his perseverance to overcome all the challenges and finally achieve great grades allowing him to move onto his choice of higher education. Earsay are very proud to award this year’s Pat Bougeard Achievement Award to Indie and wish him well for the future ahead.

Earsay also created a one off special award this year as the charity celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary. This award was presented to a nominated CODA (Child of a deaf adult) – a valued member of Earsay but who cannot win the Pat Bougeard Achievement Award as nomination criteria states the child has to have a hearing impairment.

Earsay were delighted to present this 50th Anniversary Special Award to Holly Noel after a nomination from her mum Linda Noel.
Holly, 21, has always been a fantastic champion of the deaf community, assisting her mum who is deaf and the children within Earsay. She sadly has been through many challenges in the last 8 years battling brain tumours and recently suffering from a stroke which meant she had to learn to walk and talk again. Despite everything she has been through she faces life with a happy positive outlook and continues to support her mum, who is extremely proud of her.

The 3 runner up nominees for the Earsay Pat Bougeard Achievement Award 2022 were:

 Finn Oiellet, 9 – nominated by Maureen Bray
Finn has become a much more confident hearing aid wearer over time with lots of support and has made an active choice to increase his knowledge of deafness and his self-esteem. He has accessed help and peer stories independently on the NDCS website and gained more confidence and a positive deaf identity. Finn has recently debated in the States Chamber and also sang to the whole school in a talent contest, winning the golden buzzer! His teachers and family are extremely proud of his maturity and positive achievements.

Emily Betts, 11 – nominated by Philippa Etheridge
Emily has been a superstar at school and despite being the youngest in her class has a fabulous relationship with her classmates and has taught most of them some sign language. She has recently joined the youth club and has become more confident and loves to try new things – always with a giant grin on her face! Emily’s friends and family are very proud of her and excited for her transition to secondary school.

Jayson Jouny, 5 – nominated by Karlyanne Jouny and family members Danny de Loynes and Zoe Morrison
At such a young age Jayson has really taken well to wearing his hearing aids and loves to tell people what they are and how they help him. He calls his hearing aids his super hero powers and has really embraced knowing how they are beneficial and spreading deaf awareness to everyone around him. He has faced some bullying and challenges along the way but has been brilliant in trying to overcome these hurdles himself. His family are so proud of his positivity and of Jayson growing in confidence and being deaf and proud.

Further nominations were received from previous Achievement Award winners and whilst Earsay is delighted to hear about and recognise their achievements these nominations were not passed on for judging as they are not eligible for a second award win. Those nominations were:

Liliana Wolanski, 11 – nominated by the Hearing & Deaf Support Team
Liliana has recently joined secondary school and has risen to the challenge of transition and settled in really well. She makes use of the school’s ARC room and deaf support available, often leaving little drawings on the white board to make others smile. She has joined into lots of activities including BSL club and has a really great attitude. The team are very proud of Liliana.

Heather Armstrong, 16 – nominated by Viv Armstrong and the Hearing & Deaf Support Team
Heather sat her GCSE exams this year and achieved an extremely strong set of results. Her resilience through many obstacles and ability to set herself high expectations and work hard to achieve her goals really impressed everyone around her. Heather also achieved her Level 2 BSL Signature award and has started teaching others BSL which she loves. She also won a bursary to learn to fly which is a fantastic adventure, and has really matured through all her new challenges. Her family are very proud of her year.

George Schiessls, 23 – nominated by Gabriele Schiessls
George has had a really successful year after independently managing various interview stages and securing a 6 month contract to work at Jersey Water. George flourished in his new role and became a valued member of the team with a positive attitude to his work. So much so that he was offered to stay on with a full contact and he continues to learn and develop his skills. His family are very proud of his achievements.

Nominations for Earsay’s 2023 Award can be made later in the year, by anyone – teacher/parent/club leader etc please see Earsay’s website www.earsay.je for details.

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